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When most of us think of jobs within the football (soccer) industry, the list is usually exhausted after the players, officials and coaching team. But behind the scenes are the inner-workings of one of the fastest-growing industries in the world comprising a vast array of careers that keep the beautiful game ticking.


TSEP course1_Introduction

8 minuti

Why work in Football
Why work in Football

3 minuti

Networking is one of the essential tools for growth in any career and football is no exception. However, the rules are slightly different when it comes to football management. During the course you will learn how to locate the right networking environments within the football industry and how to seize the opportunities when you are faced with them.

13 minuti

Football Seminars are ideal for networking opportunities. Insights on the best seminars available will be given.

24 minuti

Women in Football
Women and girls have long faced bias and discrimination that has seen a low representation at the top of the sport. These days, however, women are finding increasing opportunities to succeed in the football industry. We will discuss here the events, organisations and courses which help to increase the diversity and impact of women in football around the world.

22 minuti

Recommendations will be given about why, how and where to engage as a volunteer.

14 minuti

Interview Skills
A comparison of interviews for ‘normal’ jobs and those for jobs in the football industry will be found in this segment. A look at the interview formats involved, the skill set that you should display, the questions you may be asked and the questions that you can be asking your prospective employer will also be provided.

25 minuti

Job Fair
An introduction to what is considered arguably the best football and sports job fair in Europe. This is a unique occasion to be face to face with the recruitment departments of the best football entities in the world, an opportunity not to be missed.

10 minuti

Some of the best career websites which in some cases host head-hunters focused on the football industry. Here you will also find a guide with over 500 job websites for men's and women's football in Europe.

23 minuti

Freelance work
This segment will show you how you can be free to work from anywhere you wish and take up multiple jobs at the same time.

13 minuti

Football Startups
One approach to entering into the football industry is to create your own enterprise or startup. Creating a startup can be an effective alternative for some recent graduates or even those who are changing career paths to gain access to the sports industry using their current skills. Insights to the best ways on doing so are given.

12 minuti

Books on how you can learn more about the football industry will be recommended in this segment.

12 minuti

Podcasts on how you can learn more about the football industry will be recommended in this segment.

10 minuti

Undergraduate degrees
Information will be shared about some of the best universities offering undergraduate courses in the sports/football field. You can be sure that these are reputable institutions often preferred by sports recruiters.

19 minuti

Master's degree courses
This is the hardest and at the same time easiest way to secure the job you are looking for in the football industry… and you will find out why here.

34 minuti

Executive education
This course segment will delve into two courses provided by the best universities in the world, Harvard and MIT.

20 minuti


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